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Cave Tools Pigtail Food Flipper: a great new tool for summer grilling

30 Jun

We’ll be taking these with us to the campground this summer!

It’s officially summer! Summer means so many things, but one thing it means for us is grilling. Another thing it means for us is camping.When we camp, we grill! Therefore, I was very excited when Cave Tools asked me to try out another one of their fabulous products. I have reviewed several of their other grilling tools and have yet to be disappointed.

The Pigtail Food Flippers arrived on our doorstep just as we were creating our menu for a week’s worth of meals, and we put steaks right on the menu so we could try out our new tool. We would be grilling at home, but soon we will be camping and we’ll be grilling over a campfire. These new tools, a pair of two-one longer and one shorter-seemed to be perfect for all the grilling we do. Although we were doing steaks on this particular night, the tools are great for so many other things, including bacon, chicken, hot dogs and ribs, just to name a few ideas.

The Pigtail Food Flipper was great for grilling steaks, but it has many other uses as well.

When I asked my husband what he liked about the new Pigtail Food Flippers versus using a spatula, a fork or tongs, he said that the shape of the hook which made for easy flipping.

“I liked the way the hook was shaped,” he said. “All you had to do was hook the meat and flip it rather than trying to get a spatula underneath. I also liked that it came in two sizes, I didn’t have to use a big one for a small piece of meat and I won’t have to use a small one for a big piece.”

The tool was super-easy to clean because they’re dishwasher safe, and to store, which is a big plus for a small kitchen. Additionally, the handles fit well into the palm of your hand, much more comfortable than the flat form of a spatula.

You can find this great new tool set in two places and it’s very affordable. It’s on Amazon here, and on the Cave Tools website here. If you choose to order from the Cave Tools site, there is a great 15% off discount available by entering the coupon code PIGTAIL15 at checkout.

As we pack up for camping, we’ll be including our Pigtail Flippers, and I encourage you to check them out too!


***I was given a free product in order to do this review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.***


Product Review: Cave tools three piece stainless steel BBQ tool set

20 Jul

20150707_171057Just as we were getting ready to leave for our cross-country adventure, I was given the opportunity to try out a fantastic new set of BBQ tools from Cave Tools. As soon as they arrived, we packed them up to go, knowing they’d be getting some great use while we were away.

The three piece grilling set was by far the nicest set of BBQ tools we’ve had. The set included a barbeque spatula, grilling tongs and a BBQ fork, and it was perfect for one of our campfire meals while we were in Louisiana.

20150707_171330We’d decided to make hamburgers and hot dogs, but our hamburgers were not going to be just any burgers. They were going to be delicious BBQ Turkey Bacon-Cheddar burgers. Our meal would allow us to use all three pieces of our new stainless steel set: the spatula for our burgers, the tongs for our bacon and the fork for our hot dogs.

20150707_171041Don got to work cooking on the campfire, and he was impressed by just how strong and sturdy the tools were. They’re known for being 20% stronger than your average set of tools. The spatula was nice and wide, so none of our meat slid off of it while he was cooking, and the tools all had super long handles so he didn’t get burned while he was cooking either.

“I liked how the tools were so sturdy, but I also liked how the spatula had a serrated edge on it. I especially liked that they were stainless steel,” Don told me later on.

20150707_171314These tools are now going to be essential to all our barbecues from here on in, and I’d definitely recommend them to anyone who loves grilling as much as we do. You can order them easily on Amazon by clicking on this link. The tools are guaranteed 100% and the set even comes with a great recipe book, filled with 25 recipes which will inspire you even more!

Our meal turned out to be a fabulous one, and I’m thankful we had the Cave Tools three piece stainless steel BBQ tool set along for the ride!