In 2017 I shared our Cross Country Adventure where we camped our way across the country for five weeks, as its own page on the blog. I have decided to do the same thing with our whirlwind trip to New York City for college tours. Utilizing camping for such a trip is not typical, nor is the ability to do such a trip on a budget, but where there is a will, there is a way.

We were able to do some sightseeing in and around the NYC area on our college tours trip.


Our campsite


I recently shared that vacation in a feature article which ran in our local paper, The Cranston Herald. You can read that article, “The Cowarts Take Manhattan,” here. I have had many readers reach out to me since the article ran, thanking me for sharing such a trip as well as the tips on how to take a trip like that on a tight budget. It’s rewarding to know that our experiences and my writing about them, will help others achieve and experience some of the same things we’ve been lucky enough to have done with our family.

The view from our campsite at Liberty RV Park and Marina in Jersey City.

I also recently shared our menu for the week of the trip and the following week as a twist on my usual Two Weeks of Meals posts. You can see that post here. Although I’m sure that not everyone in the world cares what we’re eating every night of the week, every two weeks, I do know that so many of my readers appreciate the insight and the inspiration, and because the meal planning was a big part of what made our trip affordable, I wanted to be sure to share it.

We planned to eat out in Times Square for one of our meals.




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