What’s For Dinner Wednesday: DIY Pasta

14 Aug
Choose your own toppings. You can have all of it, some of it or none of it!

Choose your own toppings. You can have all of it, some of it or none of it!

I know I’ve said it before, but it’s awfully hard to come up with new and exciting meals AND please the taste buds of five different people.

Last week we were having the “what to have for dinner” dilemma again. It was a nice night and warm, so we didn’t want to heat up the kitchen a whole lot by turning on the oven.

Don looked around and sized up the refrigerator and pantry situation.

It was looking like pasta.


But wait! Not just plain old pasta. Not again. Not this time. Even though plain old pasta would make a couple of people pretty happy, there were others of us who were craving something bigger and better.

So Don came up with a compromise.

DIY Pasta. A pasta bar of sorts. Build-your-own pasta dinner.

He boiled up some linguine, made up a quick marinara sauce.

I liked it all!

I liked it all!

Then, he sauteed some shrimp and veggies; a whole bunch of different veggies all mixed together. He used Valerie’s cast iron skillet to cook them up.

The house was smelling wonderful!

And the best part: we were going to be eating outside on the deck, a favorite summer treat that we do as often as we can.

Once everything was finished and ready to go, we lined it all up on the outdoor table in a row.

You could have plain pasta.

You could have pasta with sauce.

You could have pasta with sauce and some veggies or lots of veggies or veggies and shrimp!

You could add cheese on top, or not.

It was truly a customized meal, and it was fun to watch the kids build their pasta dishes.

I, of course, ate it all. I took linguine, added sauce, and threw my shrimp and veggies on top with some cheese.

It was another A+ meal by Don, and we all enjoyed whatever part of it we chose to eat.

So if you’re looking for something fun and different this week, look around your pantry and  your fridge and see what you can throw together to create your own DIY meal!

The kids had fun building their own pasta dinners!

The kids had fun building their own pasta dinners!

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