Coming soon to theaters near you!

15 Aug
My two One Direction fans await the opening of "This is Us" in theaters near you!

My two One Direction fans await the opening of “This is Us,” coming soon to theaters near you!

When my kids were little and they saw a commercial for an upcoming movie, they’d beg to see it and they’d say, “But it’s coming soon to theaters near you,” as if those words meant that we absolutely must see it.

Even though they’re now much bigger, they still get very excited when a new movie is coming out, so when they heard that there was a One Direction movie, “This is Us,” coming out on August 30, Elizabeth in particular was very excited.

She’s a big fan.

That’s putting it mildly.

Her bed is surrounded by One Direction posters. The members of the band watch over her while she sleeps and plays and does her homework.

We have really enjoyed the movies we’ve seen in the past which chronicle the lives of the singers we love to listen to on the radio, and we’re betting that we’re going to love “This is Us,” just as much. We like getting a glimpse into the real lives of the band members, what they were like as younger children, or “lads” as they call themselves, as well as getting to see them day in and day out as their tour takes place. It’s exciting to see lives that are so different from our own.

Elizabeth and I decided to do a little bit more exploring about this movie, now that we knew it was coming soon.

The official movie sites looked great!

We visited this one and noticed that besides all the great photos on the opening page, there was a countdown to the opening of the movie! How fun! From there, we visited the Sony site, where we watched not one, but two great movie trailers. Elizabeth and I thought that both trailers were good, and that the movie looks excellent. We love seeing the behind-the-scenes aspect of the singers’ lives when we watch these types of movies. I actually got a little bit sad when I watched one of the trailers and the band members were stating that the hardest part of being on the road was being away from their families. I can’t even imagine!

I’m sure that as soon as “This is Us” comes out, we’ll be heading to a theater near us to check it out! In the meantime, if you’re interested, you too can visit any of the official sites mentioned above, or you can click on any of the social media sites below for even more One Direction excitement!

Be among the first to see the movie (your daughter will love you for it)


Be among the first to see the movie! Your daughter will love you for it!

*Please note that this is a sponsored post. However, all of the thoughts portrayed in the post are my own.*

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