A Hershey’s Surprise for me today!

6 Dec

On the exact day that I announced my being a panelist on the Hershey’s Twitter Party Thursday night, my daughter Elizabeth came bounding off the school bus today with a big surprise for me: A Hershey’s Kisses Fondue Kit!!!!!!!

Hershey Kiss Fondue Kit from Elizabeth

Elizabeth could barely contain her excitement with her prize from school today!

Just getting off the bus was a huge ordeal, with the bus driver putting the box into a bag so that I couldn’t see it. She couldn’t wait for me to open it.

Turns out…she had saved all of her good behavior tickets from the classroom program her teacher runs, until she had 20 tickets.

Today was the day she was going to be able to choose her prize and she had no idea what the choices were going to be.

She was soooooo excited when she came home to show me what she chose and now….we can’t wait to fondue!!! Just in time for the Hershey’s Twitter Party on Thursday night!

Even the forks say Hershey’s on them!

Hershey Kisses Fondue Fork

The forks have the Hershey's Kisses label, just like the little paper label on the real thing!

The "Kisses" label

The kids loved this Kisses Label on the fondue kit.

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