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Thankful for those who serve

11 Nov

Today is Veteran’s Day.

Today is a day to remember and honor all those who have served for our country and all those who are still serving. Yesterday I had the privilege to attend a very special Veteran’s Day assembly at one of our local schools. The students at every grade level honored those who have served from World War I all the way through those who are currently serving, as well as those who have given their lives for our country.

I have a special connection to the Ron Gill Jr. Foundation. Ronnie Gill lived in our city and he gave his life for our country. His family has ensured that his legacy lives on. Please check out their website to see all that their foundation has done, helping families send kids to college for more than four years now, since Ronnie’s death. To date they have given out almost $100,000 in scholarship money.

Today I also give thanks for all of the military spouses and families whose family members are currently serving our country or have served in the past. If my husband is gone for dinner one night, I feel his absence. I cannot imagine him being gone for months at a time, a year at a time, many times over. I cannot imagine not seeing my own parents for months and years on end. Those military spouses, children and families sacrifice as well. I am thankful for their strength.

Finally, today would have been my grandparents’ anniversary. By my count, I think they would have been married 68 years. Two years ago my grandfather passed away, but my grandmother is still living. So today, I am remembering them as well. This day has always had dual meaning for me.

No matter how you spend your day, be sure to take at least a moment to give thanks for your freedom.