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Monday Musings: These are our daughters

5 May

UPDATE: At the time when I typed this last Friday evening, not much had been shared about this topic, hence my being inspired to write the post. However, in the past day or so, more attention has been given to it. I considered taking it down but have opted to leave it as is, in order to continue to draw more attention to the seriousness of the issue.


“The number of girls and young women who are reported missing after being taken from a school in northeastern Nigeria continues to climb.”

Terry Rupar, Washington Post blog


Yours and mine.

Mine and yours.

Two hundred of them. More than that. Maybe almost three hundred. No one knows for sure.

No one knows for sure???

Hundreds and hundreds of school girls aged 15-18 go missing from a school in northern Nigeria on April 14 during exams and the Nigerian president spoke about the horror of it for the FIRST TIME on Thursday.


As in May 1st?

But at least he spoke about it.

Where is the outrage?
Where are the constant headlines? The media camped out waiting for news? Remember the birth of the royal baby months ago? The media was CAMPED OUT before the baby’s due date had even arrived.

Where are they now?
Is ANYONE out there? Oprah? Ellen? Obamas? Princes and princesses? Kings and queens? ANYONE?

Someone gets hired or fired on a national sports team and we hear ALL ABOUT IT for days and days and weeks. What they said. How they felt. What everyone felt. The tweets, posts, selfies and updates.

Hundreds of girls attempting to get an education are missing for weeks after a violent kidnapping at gunpoint.


Nada. Nothing. Eerie silence.


These are our daughters.

Yours and mine.

Mine and yours.

In our country we send our military out for all kinds of things, but not this. We send help and aid, we give advice and commentary all the time.

Not this time. And yet, I keep waiting and wondering when it’s going to explode into a media frenzy.

Every single day when I send my daughters off to school I tell them I love them and every single day I worry that it’s the last time I’ll see them. An accident, a bomb, a tornado, a school shooter…..a kidnapper. ANYTHING can happen.

These parents and the siblings of these girls are living out my worst fear and no one is doing anything.

So I am. I’m outraged. I’m talking about it. I’m worried for them. I’m praying for them.

These are OUR daughters.

Yours and mine.

Mine and yours.

They could be.

And if they were, you’d want someone to do something, to say something. To offer help. To send help and aid.

These are our daughters.

Yours and mine.

Mine and yours.

DO something.

I care.

I care.

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