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A dessert lover’s dream: The Eat Dessert First party

9 Jul

Eat Dessert First!

A while back my mother in law gave me a decorative pillow that said, “Life is short, eat dessert first.”

Excellent advice, don’t you think?

So when my mom called me one day and said that her friend was having an “Eat Dessert First” party on a Sunday afternoon, and did I want to join her, I didn’t have to think twice. Of course I wanted to join her! I couldn’t wait.

Lynn is known amongst her friends for her fun party themes, so I couldn’t wait for the date of the party to arrive.

I wasn’t disappointed.

It was a dessert-lover’s dream party from the moment you walked through the door and saw the first (of three) dessert tables, til the moment you left, taking leftovers and fun dessert-themed party favors home with you.

The chocolate fountain: I hung out here- a lot. Good food, good conversation.

Everyone brought a dish to share (my mom brought her cherry squares on our behalf) and Lynn just had tons and tons of additional dessert options available, from a chocolate fountain to a make-your-own sundae table.

In addition to the edible treats, Lynn had taken so much care to put cute little touches all around the house to go with her theme, from the cute table decor, to the little dessert themed quotes that were on place cards throughout. It was so much fun to walk around, finding all the cute things she’d done.

This table held the “fixins” for the ice cream sundaes, from toppings to sprinkles. There were several flavors of ice cream to choose from, even a flavored whipped cream!

The thing that struck me the most that day, besides the obvious fact that it was a dessert paradise, was that it was just such a nice way to spend an afternoon. Other than my mom, I didn’t know a soul there, but I spent a lot of time speaking with people, and Lynn even had entertainment: two gentlemen she does some local acting with, who came in and read aloud some of their monologues, which were really good.

Ice cream to go…bubbles were a fun party favor idea!

Overall, it was relaxing, it was fun, and it left a lasting impression on me even now, a month later. Lynn clearly enjoys hosting her themed parties and her enthusiasm is catchy. She made the day unforgettable and enjoyable for us all.

Thanks Lynn!

It was the little touches that made a big impression at Lynn’s party, like the giant handmade candy decorations and the real candy that you could eat on the spot!