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Congratulations to Karen!

7 Oct
Congratulations to Karen on her new book!

Congratulations to Karen on her new book!

A couple of years ago I participated in the monologue show, “Listen to Your Mother” here in Providence. As a cast, we came together not knowing each other, and left as a close-knit group of friends. In the years since, we have stayed connected online and sometimes we’ve been lucky to connect again in person as well. We’ve been able to share in each other’s ups and downs, which is the great thing about friendships.

Today I’m excited to congratulate our friend and castmate, Karen Haskell. Karen recently let us all know that she has a new chapbook coming out, “Sixty Years.” A chapbook is a small collection of poetry, and Karen is a poet. Her performance at our show was a collection of poems.

When I asked Karen about her book, she described it to me in this way:

“Sixty Years” is a short story in verse. It tells the story of a married couple against the backdrop of World War II.  The poems alternate point of view between husband and wife who struggle with missed opportunities, loss, and what exactly love means in the aftermath of loss.

It looks and sounds amazing to me and I’m so proud of Karen and excited for her!

If you’re interested in Karen’s new chapbook, you can find it here. The publisher is now taking pre-orders of the book, and you can purchase yours today!