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The Big 5-0-0

25 Feb
Thanks for stopping by! See you again very soon.

Thanks for stopping by! See you again very soon.

Five hundred.


Today is my 500th blog post.

That means that 500 times I have sat at my computer and shared a part of me with you, my readers.

It’s hard to wrap my head around that.

I’m proud of my blog, but more than that, I am thankful. I’m thankful to all of you who have stopped, read, commented, and even thanked me in person in a parking lot or store, or wherever we happen to bump into each other, for some tidbit or other they found.

I remember a day when someone first said to me, “You should start a blog,” and I remember thinking “There are SO MANY bloggers out there. What could I possibly share that hasn’t been shared already?”

But, I started a crafter’s blog, then a newspaper blog, and a recipe blog. Before I knew it, I was a blogger. So I revamped them all into one blog: The Whole Bag of Chips in September 2011, and my “mom blog” was born; a place where I could write about all those things and more. I could write about whatever I wanted, and I did. I shared recipes, parenting tips and woes, success stories and failures. I wrote stories that ended up being read on stage. I shared photos that ended up being shared thousands of times. I shared my experiences in life and people shared theirs with me.

I love my blog for how it helps others, but I love it more for helping me. I love that it gives me a place where I can sit and write, and I love that it gives me a place to store my stories and recipes for my children to always have for themselves and their children going forward.

I love that there’s a little morsel for everyone: a little piece of lots of people in my blog, whether they’re people I’ve worked with, people from stories I’ve covered, family members I love, people I’ve met in life. There’s recipes, articles, crafts, product reviews, happy stories and sad stories. This blog has it all and I love what it’s become over the past four years.

Thank you all for visiting and I’ll see you again very soon, for the 501st blog post and beyond.