Twelve Supermarket Superfoods from Women’s Day Magazine, and a Recipe to Match!

1 Mar
I've had this dessert at least six times since finding it in the South Beach Diet book.

This dessert adapted from the South Beach Diet book gets extra points on my superfoods scorecard because it has not one, but two items from the list: nonfat ricotta cheese and unsweetened cocoa powder. Good thing, because I eat this all the time!

I recently picked up a random magazine that I came across in my house. It was the October 2012 issue of Women’s Day. I was thumbing through it and opened up to the first page I came to. Turns out, I liked this particular feature a lot.

The title was “12 Supermarket Super Foods” and it talked about the fact that you don’t need to go all organic or spend tons of money to get some of the top rated healthiest foods on your plate. The article contained a list of twelve items you can find at your regular grocery store. I’ve put a link to it here. There are also several great looking recipes at the end of their list, so if you do click over to the link, be sure to check those out also.

I always like looking at lists like this to see how I score, how we do as a family overall with our chosen meal items, our likes and dislikes.

This time around we did pretty well. And although I agree that you can find a lot of these items in your regular grocery store, I do disagree that they’re affordable. I have found that a lot of the healthier, healthiest items are not as affordable as some of the not-so-healthy items. I take issue with the fact that you can go through a fast food drive through and get a totally unhealthy, but complete, meal for under $3.00.

But, I guess that’s a post for another day.

Today, here’s the list from Women’s Day. See how you do! Do you like/eat/buy any of these foods; all of them, some of them or none of them? If you scroll to the end, I’ve put a new-to-me recipe there as well. It was something I tried recently and it would score high on the list also! The photo above was from an older post of mine from a South Beach Diet dessert, but it scores well also.

12 Supermarket Superfoods

(I’ve put a star next to the ones we eat.)

1) Nonfat Ricotta Cheese *

2) Peanut Butter *

3) Wild Canned Salmon (not canned, but we do like salmon a lot.)

4) Oatmeal *

5) Cabbage *

6) Canned Tomatoes *

7) Whole Wheat Pasta *

8) Strawberries *

9) Avocado *

10) Sweet Potatoes *

11) Edamame (I have never had this before!)

12) Unsweetened cocoa powder *

As promised, here is a recipe that I tried recently for Chocolate Oatmeal. It’s from the blog  Choco

When I saw this recipe, posted on Facebook by a friend, I just had to try it!

When I saw this recipe, posted on Facebook by a friend, I just had to try it!

late Covered Katie.

5 Minute Chocolate Oatmeal

1 serving rolled oats (I used 1/3 cup, it called for 40 g.)

3/4 cups milk (I used skim.)

1 banana

1 1/2 tablespoons cocoa powder

1/8 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. pure vanilla extract

extra sweetener if desired (she suggests 1 Tbl. I used 2 Tbl.)

Combine all ingredients and cook, uncovered, over medium-high heat for 5-7 minutes. When it starts to bubble, stir occasionally.

I added the sweetener at the end. This was a yummy way to start a work day and I was full for a good long time. I’d definitely try this again, especially now that I see how well it scores with the list of superfoods!

Even better!

4 Responses to “Twelve Supermarket Superfoods from Women’s Day Magazine, and a Recipe to Match!”

  1. Sue Meyerson March 1, 2013 at 4:23 pm #

    I’m brining you a bag of trader joe’s edamame as soon as I can! Yummy! I like them shelled..with butter and salt/pepper, or spaghetti sauce on them..or I like them cold…

    • thewholebagofchips March 1, 2013 at 7:19 pm #

      I’ll try them but they look A LOT like peas. I don’t like peas.

  2. now at home mom March 2, 2013 at 2:48 am #

    yummy! I love oatmeal in the mornings but your looks great, need to print this recipe! might try it in the morning! Agree with you great way to start your morning! Happy weekend! 🙂

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